Solitaire – game of all times

World of Solitaire is one of those games that keep you awake for many hours. This game is a card game. You can play World of Solitaire wherever you want. It is a game for one person. Very important stuff in this game is patience. If you are not patience person it will be very difficult for you. Also is important that you follow card very carefully, and to be fully concentrated on a game. Almost every person has World of Solitaire in its computers. I can say that this game is very interesting and I recommend it to everyone.

World of SolitaireThis game is most played during working time, while your are at the office bored, no other game can be as enjoyable as this one!


First of all, you play World of Solitaire with 52 cards. Joker is out of use. The game can be played everywhere. You just need a flat surface or computer. From left to the right, from one to the seven, 28 cards are dealt from the deck into seven tableau stacks to the number of cards per stack. The first card of each tableau you can see, the rest are face down. Example: First card from the left side should be visible, and here is just that single card. In the second row are two cards, one of these is invisible, or face-down, and the second you can see. Then in the third row are three cards, two are invisible and the third card you can see. This proportion continues until the last row. The cards that are left is in the left corner of a table, or any surface where you play. You just need to build piles starting from the highest card.


Every home stack needs to start with the ace, if you currently don’t have the ace, you have to try to find him. You will do that by moving your cards between lines until you find the ace. Yet, you can’t move your cards random between lines. Columns have to be built in a specific order, from the highest one which is king to do the lowest one which is ace. For example, you can put a 8 on a 9, but you can’t put a jack on a 4. There is no limit for moving single cards. If you don’t have more moves you need to draw new cards. On computers, you do that by clicking on the board on the left side of a screen.

If you don’t see what you can play next, you can ask for hints. Just press H.